Overwhelmed by life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed in this confusing world?

Confused by the world?

Do you feel stuck, confused what to do next?

Could you respond better?

Do you believe that you could have more, if you knew how to respond to everything happening around you?

Hi, I'm Greg

For most of my life I’ve been focused on achievement …

  • both personal achievements (my degrees & qualifications, speaking multiple languages, black belt and international martial art champion),
  • as well as career achievements, working as an actuary to build business portfolios: I would solve problems for my clients (also known as ‘selling’), and build up teams of people working for me (‘coaching’).

Telling stories has been core to my approach over the years - to engage, to change minds, to pass on lessons, and to entertain myself in the process. Now I’m making this proven system available to you.

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Greg takes a different perspective

Three easy steps to transform your life:

Step 1: Read a short story

Pick any chapter and read the #hashtag-story. Enjoy it. Remember it through the story’s unique and memorable name.

Step 2:
Gain Perspective

Read the rest of the short chapter to understand the situation being described, how this might be playing out in your life, and how best to respond.

Step 3:
Become More Effective

Get clear about all aspects of your life. Feel totally in control. Respond more deliberately to events in your life. Communicate more powerfully. Transform your life, starting now.

Cheering because winning; Man clenching fists with joy

The best way to feel deeply how your life will improve if you #Hashtag Your Life is to start reading the short chapters. Enjoy the stories, and benefit from the lessons.

Get away from a limited life. Once you understand better everything that makes up your life, you won’t believe how confusing things must have been before. Once you know how best to respond to situations and challenges, you will be surprised at how much more you will be getting out of life.

Download the free eBook now
Gain perspective, Become more effective ...... through memorable stories.Nice.