Does any of this sound familiar?

    • “I feel overwhelmed by the world.”
    • “I struggle to make sense of what’s happening around me?”
    • “I don’t know how to react, because things are so complicated.”
    • “I would feel safer and more settled, if I could simplify my world.”
    • “I over-think things!”

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I help people to reduce reduce overwhelm by creating clarity – which is done through fun stories, and powerful labels.  This is a great outcome!

Hi, I’m Greg

Gain perspective, Become more effective.

Over the years, I’ve really enjoyed working with people and, through meaningful conversation, helped them to see things differently, or to get better results. Whether it was helping a client to see a clearer relationship between their problem and my solution, or coaching a team member to achieve more, or mentoring someone externally where I’ve enjoyed making a difference.

Although I started working as a very technical actuary (insurance mathematician!), I soon progressed to a client-facing role, where I was required to negotiate and win financial transactions. I found out the hard way that presenting a long list of ‘advantages’ has zero persuasive power. And even when it’s actuary-vs-actuary in a negotiation, emotions are a much more powerful motivator than logic.

And so began my journey to understand myself and others, and to become the best communicator I could be. Over the years, these skills have allowed me to work in different countries, in very different roles. They’ve resulted in my presenting at dozens of conferences around the world on a range of topics, and writing a many articles (and being interviewed) in a variety of magazines, podcasts, and webinars. #HashtagYourLife is a consolidation of my learnings over the years, a collection of the stories I’d tell (either to myself or to others) to great effect. And now I’ve brought it together under a single tag, so that you too can use the techniques I’ve been benefitting from for so long.

My life in numbers

3 degrees, 1 professional qualification, 4-5 languages (depending who you ask), 2nd degree black belt, lived in 4 countries, visited another 40 countries.

18,277 is the number of times I’ve failed at something, and 18,276 is the number of times I’ve got back up again. (It’s just those piano lessons, I gave those up after failing a grading exam when I was 10.)

And now …

… we begin our journey together. The #HashtagYourLife System is designed for you – if you want to reduce overwhelm it will give you that, if you want clarity on actions, you will get that too. And if you want to achieve more – in life, your heath, in relationships, in your work … then you can get that too from #HashtagYourLife.

Let me take you right to the beginning.


A huge thank you to the photographers of Unsplash who have generously made their photographs available.

Thanks to Anthony at Digital Native Consulting for all the technical work he did to get this website up and running.

Thanks to my many discussion partners who helped me bounce ideas, allowed me to test my stories, gave me constructive feedback, and encouraged me. Yen, Natti, Nikky, Ant, Sonam, Natasha, Ruth, Andrew, Claudia, Pavel, and many more.