“This is the name of the #hashtag-story”


So, this happened …

This is where I tell the story. 

Stories are a powerful and memorable way of entertaining people and of making a point.

People open themselves to listen to a story, they engage with the characters and the plot, and they feel the message.

Simple Definition

Hashtag Name: Quick summary of  what the story means, and how it should be interpreted.

Summarizing what it means

This is where you can have a quick read, and get the primary learnings from the chapter. There is more detail lower down, but this is the 80/20 essence.

Discussing what it means

Here we go into a more detailed discussion of what the story actually means, and how it plays out in real life. Depending on the story, it might involve a philosophical discussion around the theme, or it might give examples of how you might experience something similar in your own life, even if it’s not obvious at first. 

And time is then dedicated to talking about how people could best respond to such situations. Part of the value of being able to identify situations is to be able to know how best to act when they actually happen. 

Making it personal

Finally in this section we will take the more generic discussion that took place above, and put it in the context of your own life. 

Generally this involves challenging you to think about examples of where this has happened, or indeed is happening for you right now. You might be doing the things, or others might be doing it to you. 

It’s so easy to make negligible effort in this section, but this is where the real value of #HashtagYourLife comes in. Our lives are filled with situations where we don’t appreciate what is really going on, or where we’re over-thinking things, or where we habitually make dumb decisions. So take the time to uncover the moments, and with that start changing your interpretation, your understanding, your reactions.

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